Remembering the Battle Of Jutland

Portsmouth Naval Memorial


Staveley Remembers those local men who died on 31st May 1916 at the Battle Of Jutland and who are remembered on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial.



Private George Exford of Barrow Hill
PO/12829, H.M.S. “Queen Mary.”, Royal Marine Light Infantry

Stoker 1st Class William Charles Fletcher of Poolsbrook 
SS/113952, Royal Navy H.M.S. “Black Prince”

Stoker 1st Class Thomas Holmes of Staveley
SS/113076 Royal Navy HMS “Queen Mary”

Gunner Arthur Humphreys of Canal Row, Hollingwood Common
RMA/13028, H.M.S. “Queen Mary.”, Royal Marine Artillery

Stoker 1st Class Walter Thompson of Staveley Town
SS/111726, HMS Queen Mary, Royal Navy

Looking after our local war graves

There are 25 war graves  in Staveley Cemetery; 11 are from WW1 and 14 are from WW2. The headstones are inspected regularly by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and replaced when they become illegible or damaged. The grass is cut by Chesterfield Borough Council.

Digital CameraWhile it is important that the headstones are not interfered with in any way, the CWGC welcomes your acts of caring:

  • If there is mud on the headstone from heavy rain, brush it off, with water if need be (but no chemicals or detergents)
  • Remove any large weeds which may have appeared since the last visit
  • Remove any rubbish which may have been dropped in the vicinity.

Click here for a list of the graves

Three Men in a Boat

ObuasiThe war at sea was a different kind of war from the mud, gas, barbed wire and trenches faced by many of our soldiers during WW1.

The mystery of the final days of a local sailor has remained unsolved for 99 years – until now.

Mike Orme has spent many months researching this mystery and will reveal  the answer during a talk and presentation to the Staveley History Society on Tuesday 5th July at the Staveley and Barrow Hill Community Centre (old school next door to Staveley Church).

The talk will begin at 7.30pm and is free to members (£2 for non-members).

Everyone welcome.